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Fantasy Lace Front Wig: Front and Side View

Lace Front Wigs are the most popular full wigs on the market today!  These wigs are created by ventilating individual strands of hair onto a wig cap made of very fine lace.  When adhesive is applied to the lace, it appears that the hair is growing from your scalp!  Your hairline will be flawless and the wig can be customized to allow the hair to part in any area of the head.  There are many colors and textures available to suit a variety of style preferences.  Now you can have the hair you've always dreamed of! 

Invisa-Wefts: Assorted Colors

Invisa-Wefts, also known as Skin Wefts, are the most undetectable type of weft available.  Each strand of hair is injected into a thin and flat polyurethane strip that offers an elasticity similar to rubber.  Invisa-Wefts are preferred over traditional wefts because they can stretch to fit the contours of your head.


The wefts will also lay flat on your head and no one will know that you are wearing them.  These wefts are used to create seamless hair weaves.  Invisa-Wefts are great for adding fullness and length. They are very comfortable to wear and easy to apply.  Wefts may be washed and re-applied for multiple use.


Looking to find an easier way to create a wig? Custom wigs are created easily using the Create-A-Coif technique.  No experience necessary.  Wigs are easy to make for family and friends!   Coifs can be made using hair type, texture and length.  There are four DVD's ranging from Basic to Professional skill levels.  Create-A-Coif is a great way to express your creativity and style and also a wonderful way to generate extra profits!

Lace Partial

Lace Partials, also known as Lace Frontals, give the appearance of a flawless hairline and are applied over the frontal head area.  They will stretch from temple to temple and reach from the hairline to the center of your head.  Most women will attach the Lace Partial to the frontal area, the sew/glue wefts to the back portion of their head.  The hair extending from the hair addition is blended into the remaining hair.


Lace Partials are ideal for women who are looking for a quick, low cost, yet beautiful addition to hair.  Partials will give you the same flexibility of adding extensions while giving you the appearance of natural length and style.


Human Hair Closures, also known as hair crownes, are a great way to finish a full head of hair extensions.  The hair closure is made of individual strands of hair ventilated into a small section of net which is added to the very top of your head to complete your hairstyle.  The closure does not have a multi-directional part.  Human hair closures may be curled, blow-dried and styled like other hair extensions.  Closures may be applied in a matter of minutes!


Lace Front w/ Wefted Stretch Wig Cap
This newly innovated Lace Front is made with Remy hair simulated modacrylic fibers.  The wig made on a stretch weft cap w/ lace aroud the front perimeter (ear to ear-across the top).  This wig is also ventilated with single strands to give more bounce and body.  The hair attached to the lace is added to achieve a multi-directional function so you will not have to wear your hair in one style!  (The wig cannot be worn in a high ponytail.) The stretch wig can be worn straight back and with multi-directional parts.

The back of the wig is made of hand-tied wefts horizontally attached to a stretch cap.  This design is very light and comfortable.  This new type of wig is offered at a very affordable price!


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