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**DVD videos are made for playback on a DVD Player**


1 yd. Medium Brown French Lace





French Lace is a great choice when creating a wig foundation.  It is very durable, allows your hair to breathe and appears invisible on the front hairline when adhesive is applied.  When matched properly with the client's skin tone, it can be virtually undetectable...


-This color is best suited for Med. Brown to Dark skin tones.-


36" x 18"


1 yd. Light Brown French Lace




This color is best suited for Light Brown or tanned skin tones.-


36" x 18"




1 yd. Beige French Lace




This color is suited for many different skin tones.  It is sometimes referred to as "Transparent Lace".-


36" x 18"


1 yd. Flesh French Lace




-Most popular color selection. Easily suited for very fair or Caucasian skin tones, but other complexions may also use this color as well.  Once adhesive is applied to the lace, it should become transparent.  DO NOT recommend for very dark skin tones.

36" x 18"


German Lace




-The STRONGEST lace.  Comparable to lace used for making retail Lace Front wigs.  May be lightly tinted.
Color:  Pink/Flesh

11" x 6"




NEW!! Vaniss Lace



Vaniss Lace is the newest lace to hit the market!  It is a cut thinner than the Film lace and is the MOST undetectable lace available.  The lace was designed with semi-transparent fibers and will virtually disappear when placed on the skin! 
  *This lace is extremely thin and very delicate!!! Used mainly by high-industry professionals.  Please handle with care*

Contact Us for a Sample Card ($5.00)


Swiss Lace


Swiss lace is is naturally a beige color and  natural looking.  This lace is requested and used by many professional wig-makers.
*Lace can be manually tinted to match your client's complexion*
Two lengths are available



Base Lace- Wig Lace No. 2


Base wig lace material that is great for making sturdy wig foundations.  Very easy to ventilate.  This lace an excellent selection for new or skilled wig-makers.
*Lace can be manually tinted to match your client's complexion*
Two lengths are available



Film Lace




Lace foundation that is used to make wigs worn in films & movies.  This lace is very thin.  Excellent for use in front of the camera or when taking pictures.  Very undetectable. 
Wig lace is imported from Europe.  Used by master wig-makers and theatrical artists.
*Lace can be manually tinted to match your client's complexion*
12" X 11"


Opera Lace




Lace foundation that is used to make wigs worn for stage plays and operas. This lace is 2x thicker than the film lace and is a great choice to make very strong wig foundations. 
Wig lace is imported from Europe.  Used by master wig-makers and theatrical artists.
*Lace can be manually tinted to match your client's complexion.*
12" X 11"


Gauze Base - Extra Silky



Wig-making foundation used to create natural parts in a wig cap. Delicate, soft material.  Ventilating needles S-1 and S-2 are recommended for best use of this material..
9" x 15"


Monofilament Wig Base Foundation



Wig foundation material used to make custom hair pieces  and wig bases. Two hole sizes available.



Stretch Mesh Wig Foundation




Stretch mesh foundation used in custom wig creations.  Stretch mesh can be used to create a stretch wig cap in the back with lace in the front -or- added to around the ears or in the crown area for flexibility when creating custom lace wig caps.
*Material is shown against a black background to display pattern.  Actual color of material is natual brown/beige*
10" X 11"


Mesh Hair Weaving Nets



Mesh hair weaving nets used for full sew-in weaving, partial sew-in weaving and creating an attachment foundation for client's with thinning areas. Two net sizes are available in the package.


Small Net: 1/4" hole - 16" x 12" length

Large Net: 1/2" hole - 16" x 12" length



4 pk French Lace Combo




Save money by purchasing the 4 pk. French Lace Combo!   The combo consists of 1 yd. Medium Brown French Lace, 1 yd. Light Brown French Lace, 1 yd. Beige French Lace and 1 yr. Flesh French Lace.




Short-Neck Styrofoam Wig Head



The short-neck styrofoam wig head is great for practicing your hair ventilation technique.  This particular wig head is small and convenient!


*An extra shipping charge of $7 will apply for every (2) heads purchased due to the size of the box and automatic upgrade to Priority Shipping*



Hair Ventilating Needle w/ Holder





# 1 instrument used in wig-making.   It is used to create Lace Front Wigs and  add highlights or baby hair to wigs.  The needle holder is made of brass and is very sturdy.  The holder has an adjustable tip, so that needles of different sizes may be used.  Many sites offer the needle and holder separately, but we offer them together! 


Holder:  Brass/5"

Needle: .5", size #2 for Net Foundation (standard)

(short Korean needle)


Individual  Hair Ventilating Needle

Multiple Sizes Available





The Hair Ventilating Needle, or "Knotting Hook" is the # 1 instrument used in wig-making.   It is used to create custom Lace Front Wigs and  add highlights or baby hair to wigs.  

We now offer ventilating needles for net/lace material and also skin/polyurethane foundations!!     


Sizes available are:

#1-2  Able to knot 1 to 2 strands of hair at a time

#2-3  Able to knot 2 to 3 strands of hair at a time

#3-4  Able to knot 3 to 4 strands of hair at a time

#4-5  Able to knot 4 to 5 strands of hair at a time 

Needle length: .5"

(short Korean needles)





Precision Curved Needle





The Precision Curved Needle has a very sharp tip that will pierce tough material.  This needle is great for making wig modifications, repairs and stitching foundations together.



Ergonomic Soft Handle Small Crochet Hook






Small crochet hook with soft ergonomic handle.  Great for crochet or latch hook hair styles or for underknotting wigs and hairpieces.


Handle:  3.5"

Needle:  .5"


Mini-Handle Small Crochet Hook






Small crochet hook with mini handle.  Great for crochet or latch hook hair styles or for underknotting wigs and hairpieces.


Handle:  1.5"

Needle:  .5"


Large Crochet / Pulling Hook 




The large hair crochet hook is used for crocheting and knotting hair.


2-pc Needle and Thread Combo



Needle and Thread Combo.  Includes (1) curved sewing needle and  (1) hair thread





Applicator Brush



Use this tiny brush to apply lace adhesive or knot sealant to your wigs and wefts.


Wig Clips-2 pk.




Commonly known as "Toupee Clips", attach these clips to your Lace Front Wig or hairpiece to hold the unit firmly in place.  These clips can also be used to make Clip-on hair extensions.  Available in small and large sizes.



5 pc Hair Weaving Cap



The 5 pc. Hair Weaving Cap is great for making a traditional or Lace Front wig.  The following items are included inside:  (1) Weaving Cap, (2) Small net for the top, (3) Large net for the top, (4) Oval net for the top, (5) Small net for the side, (6) Colored Micro Net for the forehead.



Lace Wig Adhesive



30 second extreme hold Lace Front Wig adhesive. 

Used by industry professionals.


1/2 oz.



Salon Pro - One Step Color Signal

Lace Wig Bond Remover


 Softens and Dissolves Adhesive Residue

Alerts User to Any Adhesive Residue

Gentle on the Skin

2 fl. oz.




Hair Ventilation Manual w/DVD


Hair ventilation is the skill of knotting individual strands of hair to a wig foundation.  This manual gives detailed information about the ventilation process.  It also includes tips and colorful pictures to illustrate the technique.


The manual now comes with a FREE DVD to assist visual learners!



Hair Ventilation Manual COMBO w/DVD

(Includes Manual,DVD, Flesh French Lace, Ventilating Needle w/ Holder)



This special combo includes the Ventilation Manual, DVD, Ventilating needle w/ holder and flesh colored French Lace.



Multi-Use Adjustable Wig and Hair Weaving Cap




The mulit-use adjustable wig and hair weaving cap is used for wig-makers that choose a ready-made cap instead of constructing one from lace.  If you are familiar with the ventilation technique, this cap can easily be converted to a "Lace Top".  This weaving cap is also excellent for Full Sewn-In synthetic or human hair extensions and also hair extensions attached with adhesive or a pulling hook.


Customized Wig and Hair Weaving Cap




The Customized Wig and Hair Weaving Cap is avaliable for the wig-makers that aspire to transform a normal wig cap to a partial Lace Front.  This hair weaving cap is for the more advanced wig-makers.  The customized cap is great because it does not cover the entire head.   This leaves room to customize the weaving cap by attaching lace to the front and sides of the cap for an invisible look from the front perimeter, temple to temple across the front and from the hairline to the crown area.  *Wig attachment lace sold separately.*



Mesh Wig & Weaving Cap



This is the cap used in the Create-A-Coif and Quick Lace Front Wig video.  It has a comfortable elastic band and net with ultra stretch capabilities.  One size will fit all.    


Dome Style Mesh Cap

Dome Style Mesh Wig Cap



This cap is made of thick, breathable and stretchable mesh material for a more secure fit.  Used to make U-part wigs, Create-a-Coifs, Removable Sew-Ins and many more.  Excellent fit for bald clients or some with very thin hair.

Custom Center Part Wig

NEW Custom Center Part Cap w/Lace



This new lightweight cap makes the wig-making process easier!  The cap is made of stretchable net material which is breathable and contains small holes for ventilation.  Base Lace is attached along the perimeter with the top open for a natural-looking free-style part.  Great for perimeter lace wigs or U-Part wigs!!    


Wig Cap Creation DVD - Part 1


For a Limited Time Only



Interested in learning how to create a Lace Front or full lace wig cap?  This video will demonstrate how to make three types of wig caps:


1. The Customized Wig and Weaving Cap with attachment lace

2. Full Lace Wig Cap - 1 piece

3. Full Lace Wig Cap - 3 pieces with turned edges


60 Minutes


Hair Ventilation DVD




Be the first to own the hair ventilation technique on DVD.  Play it over and over again until you are comfortable with the process!  You are taking the first step in becoming a skilled wig-maker! (Wig-making Practice Tools sold separately)


Approx. 5 Min.


Create-A-Coif  Level #1:  Basic (DVD)




Looking to find an easier way to create a wig?  Well, this video is for you!  No sewing or ventilating required. The Level #1:  Basic technique will demonstrate wig creation using simple wefts and glue.  You will be able to make a full wig in less than 2 hours!  This video is great for making all types of hairstyles, so unleash your creativity!!  Create-A-Coif  Level # 1: Basic is great for expressing your creativity and style and also wonderful for generating extra profits by making wigs for family and friends!  (Adhesive and wig cap included)


-DVD Currently Unavailable-



Check For Additional Items


Create-A-Coif  Level #2:  The Removable Sew-In



Learn how to create a wig that looks like a sew-in, but totally removable!  Care and maintain your natural hair underneath the wig while securing a flawless style!!!!   


**Sample hair tools provided with purchase**

Check For Additional Items


How To Transfer Custom Head Measurements To A Canvas Block



What would happen if your client wanted a custom wig cap, but only provided head measurements and no template?  Don't worry, we'll show you how!   This DVD will demonstrate how to transfer custom head measurements to your canvas block.

(FREE Measuring Tape included)


How To Create A Quick Lace Front Wig DVD



Want to create a Lace Front wig?   This video is for the person that loves to create and/or wear Lace Front wigs, but do not have 6 weeks to spare!!!


Our DVD will show you how to create a Quick Lace Front wig with a comfortable wig cap in less time!  The wig shown in the video was made in a total of 9 hours!


The Quick Lace Front wig is perfect for those that are seeking to generate extra income, enhance client beauty services, increase sales or simply maximize their own beauty and style.


(Hair Ventilation DVD, Needle & Thread and Mesh Cap are  included with this purchase!!)

**Wig lace is not included.**

Check For Additional Items


Cutting Shears



Stainless steel precison shears used for cutting hair, lace and removing wefts.




Sample 18" Yaki Hair- Straight



Yaki perm straight hair commonly used for practicing the hair ventilation technique.


Wig-Maker's Practice Tools



These tools will assit you in learning the art of hair ventilation.  This package is great to have when purchasing the Hair Ventilation Manual or DVD separately. 



Wig Foundation Chart / Ring



The Wig Foundation Chart / Ring will assist you and your client in determining which foundations will be a better selection for the wig-making process.  The chart includes a sample of the following material:  Poly w/ Gauze, Poly Skin, Poly Coated Material, Fine Welded Mono Lace, Fish Net PE5/8", Fish Net PE 1/4", Gauze #79, Lace #78, Net Lace # 79, Stretch Lace #56, Super Fine Mono Material, Stretch Lace # 33, Lace #10, Lace #8, Wig Band samples & Welded Mono Lace. 



Human Hair Color Ring



Human Hair Color Ring with colors 1, 1B, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 27, 30, 33, 613 and 130.  


Human Hair Curl Pattern Chart.jpg

Human Hair Curl Pattern Chart



Match your client's desired curl patterns. 





Hair Density Chart



Use this chart to help your client select the desired wig density. 



Practice-Pak *Hair Ventilation

(Includes Manual, DVD, Flesh French Lace, Ventilating Needle w/ Holder, 1 oz. Yaki Straight # 1, T-Pins, Adjustable Wig & Weaving Cap,  Short-neck Styrofoam Wig Head (not pictured) and ventilation practice material & hook as seen in the DVD)



A $150.00 value!


Are you ready to practice ventilating, or knotting, individual strands of hair to French Lace?  If so, this Practice-Pak is a great buy!  Not only is the manual included, but you are supplied with 1 oz. of Yaki hair, T-Pins and a wig head to begin the process.  Practice makes perfect when ventilating!  Once you have mastered the skill, you'll be able to ventilate hair with ease!


Check For Additional Items

Premium Lace Sample Cards

Premium Lace Sample Cards


Need a sample of our premium lace selections?  This ring contains 8 sample cards that include the following:  Base Lace, Base Gauze, German Lace, Film Lace, Opera Lace, Welded Monofilament, Swiss Lace and Vaniss Lace.


Debra Manikin Training Head



 Need to practice your new skills?   The Debra Manikin Training head is the perfect for you.   The Debra Manikin the standard training tool used in most beauty schools.  It is made with human hair so you are able to color, perm and straighten the hair.  Don't forget to practice your braiding, weaving, waving and curling skills!  This manikin will help you become a hair expert!

Purchase Additional Hair Supplies & Accessories

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