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Smooth and comfortable wig grips are the ideal tools to further attach your wig. These headbands are created from a flexible, no slip velvet material with adjustable Velcro fixed at each end. 

The pictured wig grips are approximately 2 x 22 inches with the ability to extend as long as 31.5 inches!

For optimum results, position the top part of the wig grip a ½ inch behind the hairline and slightly over the temples while tucked behind the ears.  For increased stability, apply over the standard nylon wig cap.

We have three colors available:  Black, Blonde and Brown.

Velvet wig grips may be used the following ways:

1. Attach your wig or hat safely and securely without the use of adhesives, tapes, clips or combs.

2. They are amazing for safe guarding your wig and holding it constantly in place. No more will you concern yourself the wig slipping.

3. Wig grips can make wig wearing possible for people that are affected by hair loss and baldness.  

4. The gentle base design creates a platform for eliminating headaches and to help prevent bald spots, particularly in the temple area. The soft foundation is very gently, so your edges are secure and protected.

5. The wig band is additionally utilized as a stylish hairband an even as an effective sweat band at the gym.

Soft Velvet Wig Grip Headband

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