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What Do Our Customers Have to Say?

Testimonials- Amid Beauty Customer Reviews

"I absolutely love your German needles!  They are standard for use when creating my wigs."

Sheila R.

"This company has the best selection of wig lace that I've ever seen.  So many foundations to choose from."

Brian C.

"Michelle is always so helpful and kind.  That is why I am a repeat customer."

Candace E. 

"I took the hair ventilation class and had a great time!  The instructor made wig making process very easy to understand.  I am so glad I found the class information online."

Brenda T.

"Very considerate company.  Great products.

Tim L.

"The hair ventilating class was super informative.  It's great to be able to have a manual to reference at home for use later."

Kim Z.

"This company is responsive and cares about their customers.  Thank you."

Emily O.

"I am so happy that I took a class with Amid Beauty!  Now I have a business making custom wigs and the money is pretty good, too!"

Amarie J.

“I suffer from alopecia and I never thought that I'd be able to find a remedy.  I've been treated by numerous doctors and my hair remained at its current state.  I was unable to wear extensions because the glue didn't adhere very well.  I found your website and managed to make my own glueless wig cap. It turned out great!   I am always smiling at work!  Thank you!”

Mary L.



“Your tips are wonderful!  Personally, I was tired of gumming my hair down into my wefts, HOPING that it would blend in with the rest of my extensions.    I also tried wearing Half Wigs.  Half Wigs are great until you encounter a windy day!  I was always afraid that the wind would blow my real hair apart from the wig.....this left me feeling very uncomfortable with my hair styles.  Now that I have a lace front, none of my hair is showing and the wind is no longer an issue!”

Tara M.


“I have been hearing so much about lace front wigs that I decided to buy one.  I was a little skeptical at first because I see women at my job wearing wigs and they LOOK like wigs!   I found your videos and tips to be very helpful.   No one knew that I was wearing a wig!  They were saying, "What kind of perm did you use??  Your stylist did a really good job---it is SO straight!"

Tina R.



“The hair is so soft and shiny!  I wear my wig so much that I am beginning to think that it's my real hair!” 

Jessica S.



“You can't image how much my appearance and style has changed.  I look forward to my next purchase!” 

Angela U.



“I always had a problem getting my hair to lie down and totally blend with my extensions.  I'm glad I don't have to worry about that anymore.”

Tonya K.



“Now I can proudly say ‘YES, I am wearing a wig.’”

Tiana P.


“I made a lace front wig for my mom's birthday.  She looks 20 years younger! Now we REALLY look like sisters!” 

Tammi N.



“My wife really looks great.   Thanks so much!” 

Steven N.



“Your prices are very reasonable!  I loved the Hair Ventilation Manual and DVD.  I have been practicing every day and I feel that I am ready to make my first wig!!!”

Tisha R.



“I appreciate the help selecting the correct French Lace color.  I really didn't know which shade would match my skin tone.  The description of lace helped a lot!”

Veronica B.



“I bought my first Practice Pak today!  Awesome!  I always wondered how the hair got added to the lace.  Now it all makes sense!”

Curtis S.



“My friends are not going to believe that I made a wig on my own!!  It looks really good!”

Jessica W.



“I think I got the hang of adding baby hair.....  Practice makes perfect, right?  :)  It's not as hard as I thought it would be!”

Rena I.



“I CAN'T BELIEVE you are offering vendor information!!! I took a class a few months ago and they taught me valuable wig-making skills, but NEVER offered the vendor information!  Thanks so much!”

Tina C.



“I like the Hair Ventilation Manual.  It's right to the point.”

Alexis O.


“So many colors of French Lace to choose from!!”

Bryanna P.



“Your ventilating needles are a great price! I look forward to buying more.”

Alexander A.



“Many thanks for the vendor names and information on Breaking into the Industry.  I can truly say that I am ready to order from the suppliers and begin my own business with confidence.  Oh, and the T/T and FOB explanations helped a lot.  I had no idea what that meant!” 

Terika S.



“My hair is as flawless as ever!”

Sheila M.



“I'm going to take my small town by storm!”

Dorina J.



“Wow!  I am so glad that I found this website!  I bought the Quick Lace Front Wig DVD and it was very easy to understand.  I made my first lace wig in one week!”

Melissa R.



“I love the free videos.  I always thought plaiting hair was difficult...but your video helped me learn the technique in no time at all.”

Tina F.



“Thank you Michelle for providing such excellent customer service.  I look forward to doing business with you again!”

Nia O.



“Finally a website that sells lace!  Perfect!”

Rolanda P.



“Kudos to!  Thanks for such great products.”

Amanda E.



“Your videos are easy and straight to the point.”

Shawna S.


“Excellent site for Cosmetology students.  Such a range of products, looks like everything a technician could use. Just was lucky enough surfing the net and found it. Will be ordering as soon as possible.”

Sharon Q.



“Your DVD's are very easy to follow and understand.  I purchased the Create-A-Coif video and it was very easy.  Now I think I'm ready for the Quick Lace Front Wig DVD!”

Hayden R.



“Michelle, thank you for taking the time to answer all of my hair ventilation questions.  Customer service A+!”

Zion E.



“I actually WON a FREE lace front wig!  I really didn't think that I would but I am happy that I decided to join your mailing list!”

Paula P.



“I found your site just browsing the internet one day and thank goodness I did!  I found your site to be very informative.  I'll be sure to add it to my favorites.”

Shayla H.



“I finally found lace that works perfectly!  Your Film Lace is exactly what I needed to make great wig units, moustaches and eyebrows!  PLEASE continue to offer it!”

Alex M.



“Your products have inspired me to make wigs for profit!  Now I have extra money to spend as I please!”

Arianna S.


“One of my friends told me about your site.  I never considered making a wig before.  Now, I’d like to give it a try.”

Sheena T.


“Michelle is always so helpful answering questions.  Thank you!”

Tiana B.


“I am an older guy that makes hairpieces for a living.  Your Swiss lace suits my complexion perfectly.  Thank you!”

Paul A.


“I am interested in starting a wig-making business and your website is very helpful.  It is good to know that you offer services to individual and not only businesses.”

Karen R.


“Your polyurethane is exactly what I needed to repair my wig.  Apply it, let it dry and it’s as good as new!

Jenna T.


“Your sample rings are great.  I use them when meeting with clients and it helps to make them feel more secure about their selections.”

Michael M.


“I am so excited!  I can wait to create my first wig!”

Sheila H.

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