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Face Shapes 

Facial Profile and Face Shapes
Facial shapes - Rectangle, Oval, Heart- Round, Diamond and Square

Did you know that certain hairstyles will compliment your beauty depending on the shape of your face?


Below is a list of shapes and descriptions to assist in determining a style that's right for you!


Many of us have an idea of which hairstyles look good and some of us do not.  Certain styles will accentuate your face while others apply a negative effect.  To determine hairstyles that enhance your structure,  you must learn about facial profiles. 


The most common shapes are:  Oval, Rectangular/Oblong, Round, Square and Heart.   There are some that will fall into the category of Diamond/Triangle. 


Determining the shape of your face will not only accentuate your image; it will save you from wearing an unflattering hairstyle. 



A round shaped face is displayed with full, round circular cheeks.  Layers on the top and longer length near the back elongate your face.  Round faces look great with longer, layered styles with lots of curls.


Keep the sides close to the face and promote height at the crown.  The goal of this style is to create an oval appearance and lift the face.




A diamond‘s hairline is more narrow. Starting below the ear your jawline comes to a point at your chin.


Great style options include a side part with big waves, sleek and straight, parted and pushed back, ponytails and updos.  Avoid heavy bangs.




A square shaped face is described when the angular jawline is the same width as the forehead.  This facial type looks best by trying a short style that is wavy on top.  A wide forehead and jawline is softened by wispy edges.


Soften the edges of your square-shape face by directing soft wavy bangs down over your temples.




A rectangle shaped face shows a narrow forehead and a wide chin.  Try a shapely layered look or a curly style.  Layers and heavy fringes build fullness on top to soften a wider crown.


Select styles with more width and volume.  Adding bangs will help to shorten a long shape face.




An oval shaped face is well-proportioned.  The length of the face is longer than the width.  A classic oval shaped face looks great with any hairstyle!   


The preferred style would be long with graduated layers.




A heart shaped face is characterized by a wide forehead, high cheekbones with a "V" shaped chin.  Try a short, cropped style that is tapered at the neck.  The long, wispy fringe softens a round and peaked forehead.  This style is achieved when layers are long at the crown, graduated at the sides and tapered at the nape.  The hair should be past the chin area.


The best looks for this facial shape are full, curly and bouncy styles that create width around the narrow chin.


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