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Full Product Page

This page will list pictures and descriptions of products that are currently sold or were previously available on our website.

Full Product Page for Wig Making
French Lace

Wig lace material great for beginners and novice wig-makers.  French lace foundation is available in dark brown, light brown, flesh and beige.


Base Lace

Perfect foundation when making an easy and inexpensive base. Can be used to practice the hair ventilation technique.


German Lace

Characterized as the strongest lace available.


Silky Gauze 

Great for designing a silk top closure or ventilating using the French Method.  Silky Gauze is very thin and light-weight.


Vaniss Lace

The most undetectable lace available and is designed with semi-transparent fibers.




The material thin, flexible and beige in color.



Swiss Lace

This material is a beige color and natural looking. Worn by many celebrities and used by industry wig-making professionals.



Opera Lace

Used to create wigs and hairpieces for theatre and stage performances.



Film Lace

The foundation used to make wigs and hairpieces for television and film.



Korean Lace

Foundation used for various retail lace wigs.  Most wigs made with this lace are mass produced.  Great lace for beginners.



Hair Ventilating Needle with Holder

The #1 tool used by professional wig-makers to add individual strands of hair into wig caps and hairpieces.  



Asian Hair Ventilating Needle

Short hair ventilating needle mainly used for standard hair ventilation techniques including split, single and double knots.



German Hair Ventilating Needle

Long hair ventilating needle that is great for techniques that require double-knotting or the French Drawn Method.



Curved C-Shaped Hair Needle
Precision Curved Needle

Sharp weaving needle that is great for piercing through thick foundation caps and other dense material.



Wig Polyurethane
Wig Polyurethane

Apply this product to seal your wigs or to create thin skin wigs, hairpieces and toupees. Hair injection or skin needles are best used with this product.  




Clear poly strip
Polyurethane Strip

Clear strip made of 100% polyurethane.  This strip is non-stick.  Adhesive must be applied when necessary.



Toupee Clip
Wig | Toupee Clip

Create your own “Clip-On Extensions” or add these clips to your base to secure your wig or hairpiece or wig topper.



Custom Wig Cap
Custom Wig Cap with Lace - Center Part

Pre-constructed wig cap with Base Lace in the top and along the perimeter. The top is left open for hair ventilation.



Custom Wig Cap - Side Part with Lace
Custom Wig Cap with Lace - Side Part

Pre-constructed wig cap with Base Lace in the top and along the perimeter. A section is left open to ventilate a side part.



7 pc Hair Ventilating Needle Combo
Hair Ventilating Needle Combo Set

This hair ventilating needle combo set is complete with 7 wig-making tools:  the Hair Ventilating Needle Holder,  German Needle, Slide and Punch Hair Injection Needle and Asian wig needles for net (sizes N 1-2, N 2-3, N 3-4 and N 4-5). 



Dome Wig Cap
Dome Style Mesh Wig Cap

Create wigs with a hot glue gun or simply attach wefts to design a full wig with a secure and snug fit. Also can be used when creating an Invisible Part wig.



Customized Wig and Weaving Cap
Customized Wig and Weaving Cap

Full wig caps specifically designed to sit .25 inches behind your hairline so that perimeter lace can be added to obtain the “Lace Front” effect. Wefts can be added to the wig cap sewing, using adhesive or hot glue. Regluar and large sizes are available.



Wooden Handle Pulling Hook/Latch Hook

The pulling hook (latch hook) serves many purposes and can be used for various hair extension and attachment techniques.  This tool can be used to crochet loose hair, attach individual strands of hair to lace or wig foundation and to even assist with the micro ring extension process. 



Slide and Punch Hair Injection Needle

Use this needle to add hair to thin skin wigs and polyurethane foundations. 



Finger Protector (4 pcs)

Made of 100% latex. Used to protect fingers when using various hair extension techniques.  Often used to protect the tips of fingers when applying hot glue.


Hair Ventilating Practice Tools
Hair Ventilation Practice Tools

Sample practice tools that are essential when learning how to ventilate.  The tools are not included with the Hair Ventilation DVD and must be purchased separately.  The tools consist of the followng items:  T-pins, pulling hook, net material and yarn.


Yaki Hair
Yaki Human Hair Bundle

Sample Yaki hair bundle used to practice the hair ventilation technique.


Hair Scissors
Hair Cutting Shears

Professional hair cutting scissiors.


Salon Pro 30 Sec Super Hair Bond Remover

Product contains olive oil, and is a safe and gentle product designed to dissolve and remove all hair bond and any glue residue more quickly and easier on all brands of hair bond with the first application.


Dissolve all brands of hair bond within 30 seconds.


Salon Pro 30 Sec Color Signal Bond Remover

The color signal remover is  revolutionary in the removal of lace wigs, bonding tapes and bonding adhesives.

  • Softens & Dissolves Adhesive Residue

  • Alerts User to Any Remaining Adhesive Residue

  • Gentle on the Skin


Hair Weaving Thread
Professional Hair Weaving Thread

Hair weaving thread used in combination with various hair extension techniques.  Multiple colors available.


Applicator Brush

Brush used to apply adhesive to lace foundations.


Custom Wig Cap Center Part No Lace
Custom Center Part Cap - No Lace

Pre-constructed wig cap with the top left open.  Great for creating a u-part wig. 


Mesh Wig Cap Liner Black
Mesh Wig & Weaving Cap

Stretchable and flexible weaving cap.  This cap allows a snug, secure fit while allowing the proper ventilation for your natural hair and scalp to breathe.


Customized Wig and Weaving Cap
Multi-Use Adjustable Wig & Weaving Cap

This cap is included in the Hair Ventilating Practice Kit.  


Styrofoam Wig Head
Styrofoam Wig Head

A wig head is necessary item required for wig-making.  Use the styrofoam head to dry your wigs, make head templates and serve as a guide for creating custom head templates and hairpieces.


5pc Hair Weaving Cap
  • 3 Different Hole Sizes (0.3mm in diameter / Light Tone Colored Micro Net / 0.1mm in diameter)

  • Wider, Thicker Net for Forehead

  • High Quality weaving cap

  • Comfortable Holding Wire

  • Double Net for Secure Holding / Adjustable Strap


Hair weaving needle and thread combo
2pc Needle and Thread Combo

Combo consisting of a curved needle and one spool of thread.


Large crochet - pulling hook
Large Crochet / Pulling Hook

Hair extension hook mainly used in pulling large amounts of hair. Often used with Crochet and Latch Hook braiding styles.


Mini-Handle Small Crochet Hook

The small pulling hook is great for more detailed extension techniques.  This tool is great for attaching human hair and can be used for Crochet and Latch Hook braids as well as hair ventilation in wigs and hairpieces. 



Mesh Hair Weaving Nets (2pk)

Hair weaving nets used to serve as a base for full sew-in extension.  The net provides a secure foundation for attachment while easing the tension that is caused by the installation.


Poly Sheet
Tape Skin Pad

Cut off portions of the skin pad and attach it to the temples and front of your wig to help the adhesive and/or tape stick to the skin.


Ergonomic Handle Small Pulling Hook

This pulling hook is characterized by having a comfortable and durable handle to make your hair extension tasks more relaxed.  The small hook is designed for very fine attachment techniques.


Hair Pliers
Hair Extension Pliers

Hair extension clamp tool for use with adding and removing micro rings.


Design Essentials
Design Essentials Deep Fortifying Treatment

Infused with a hydrating trio of shea butter, olive oil and honey, this conditioner is designed to heal and fortify the most damaged of hair.

  • intensive reparative therapy

  • restores hair strength, porosity and elasticity

  • can be used as a standalone strengthening treatment or custom-blended with additional products


Great for rejuvenating your natural hair and also your human hair wigs and extensions.


Design Essentials
Design Essentials Natural Coconut and Monoi Deep Moisture Masque

An intense, deeply penetrating hydration treatment that transforms dry, dehydrated strands to soft, moisturized hair in just one use.


Right On Instant Moisturizing Conditioner
Right On Instant Moisturizing Conditioner Spray by Lustrasilk

Lustrasilk Right On Instant Moisturizing Conditioner Original Formula With Silk Protein Essentials Salon Formula will help provide moisture balance for curls, waves or naturals  The ideal leave-in conditioner for curly perms, body waves or natural hair. Specially formulated with silk protein essentials and glycerin, Instant Moisturizng Conditioner penetrates deep into the hair shaft and holds moisture in to help hair look its best. Also perfect for use as a deep conditioner after shampooing.  


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