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Hair Ventilating Class Offered by Amid Beauty
Our Hair Ventilation and Wig Making course is now available ONLINE!
Enroll in our class to learn the art of wig making @


















More about Hair Ventilation

“Hair Ventilation” or “Hair Ventilating” is the process of knotting individual strands of hair into a wig cap or lace foundation. This creative skill has been around for centuries as master wig makers designed beautiful wigs for kings and queens, public officials, family and friends.  Today hair ventilating has  gained increasing popularity due to the trending fascination over the Lace Front wig.   Lace Front wigs have been around for many years, but were not readily available to the public.  They were mostly worn by celebrities and actors in movies and plays.  Now the lace wigs are available to all and may be purchased online and at many retail shops.   Even retailers and beauty supply companies have acknowledged that lace front wigs are the hottest selling product in their stores!  Just browse a store and you will see that the quantities of Lace Front wigs and products outnumber the conventional half and full wigs!  It is great to have such a vast selection, however, the lace wigs on display are mass produced and are not customized to suit your unique look and style. 


How many times have you ventured out to purchase a wig, but the store didn't have the color you wanted, the exact look you required or even length that you desired?  What if we told you that making a wig is not as hard as you thought?


Imagine creating a gorgeous wig or hairpiece that is uniquely designed to fit you and ONLY YOU!   No one will be able to duplicate your look because the custom unit would be one of a kind!

In addition to making your own custom wig, you can now start a business by turning your passion into profit!  Wig making has helped a lot of individuals make a substantial amount of money doing an activity that they love!


Lace wigs are in very high demand and are now being accepted as a crucial "accessory" by many actors and celebrities due to the natural appearance of hair growing directly from the scalp.   Lace wigs can be viewed all over social media as well!  Wearing a lace wig is an excellent way to ENHANCE your overall look without the long-term commitment.  


Wig makers and hair ventilators are emerging every day and we at Amid Beauty are here to help!  We can help you get started on the path to wig making. 

In this class, you will learn how to construct a wig from start to finish.


Many of our students have realized that hair ventilation is a great transferrable and revenue-generating skill.  Many students now have their own businesses in the areas of wig installation, wig customization, creation and repairs.  Others have secured jobs creating and modifying wigs for theatre and film.  


We are proud to boast that we've trained students all over the world!



Class Information

This class will provide the skills of hair ventilation and wig making.  View the benefits of enrolling online:


  • Convenient 24/7 access!

  • Easy-to-follow curriculum!

  • Short quizzes to test your understanding!

  • The class is filled with vibrant images, instructional videos, printable forms and presentations!

  • Certificate of Completion available at the end of the course!

Hair Ventilation and Wig Making Course available at
Terms and Conditions (Online Classes)



You may register for the class by clicking the ENROLL NOW button at  A Paypal account is not required.  You may enter your credit card information to begin the enrollment process.


Printable Forms, Presentations and Media

The presentations and videos, and forms are sole property of Amid Beauty. However, the printable forms may be used to assist in learning and furthering your business.  Presentation materials and media are forbidden to be duplicated, manipulated or distributed for sale.  These offenses are punishable by law.


Privacy Statement

The knowledge and skills attained by enrolling in the class are yours to keep and use.  Any classified information provided during the course is not allowed to be disclosed on any social media platform.   Anyone found leaking presentations or content from the online class will face criminal penalties for disclosure of classified information.



By enrolling you hereby acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree with the above terms.

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