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Using the Paypal Shopping Cart to Checkout

Using the Shopping Cart

Step 1:  Add item to the PayPal Shopping Cart

Choose your item and press the “Add To Cart” button

Browse through the wig items lace - select your items and add to the shopping cart.
Step 2:  Click the CART link to proceed with payment.

Your item has been added to the Shopping Cart.    Continue to browse the website or click the “CART” to proceed with the payment of your item(s).

View a list of wigmaking lace and tools then click the link when ready to submit payment.
Step 3:  Review your order.  Add or remove items if necessary.

Now is the time to review your order.  You have the option to modify your shopping cart by adding or removing items if necessary.  The system will automatically update your changes.  Be sure to check the color, quantity and size of your products before proceeding.


The coupon / discount code may be applied at this time.

Review your online order and make changes if necessary.  Enter the Amid Beauty discount code.
Step 4:  View the summary of your order.

Double-check the color, quantity, length and size of your products.  The coupon / discount code may be applied at this time.

View the summary of your wigmaking supplies  or lace foundation order
Step 5:  Enter your zip code and calculate the shipping cost.

Entering your zip code on this page will calculate the cost for shipping and handling.  If the zip code is not valid, we may not offer shipping services to your location or an alternate payment is required.  Alternate payments are accepted via Western Union.   Contact us if you are in need of assistance with shipping.


Review our Payment | Shipping | Return Policy.

Calculate the total cost of your wig making supplies, lace foundation material or instructional videos.  Buying wig supplies is easy, but sometimes zip codes are invalid which require  an alternate payment arrangement through Western Union for certain
Step 6:  Payment options for valid zip codes.

You may proceed with payment if your zip code or location is valid.  Payment is processed through PayPal, but an account is not required.  Credit card information can be entered if you do not choose to log into your PayPal account. 


Credit cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.


We respect the privacy of our customers and do not handle or view any of their financial information at any time.

You may proceed with the transaction if your zip code or location is valid.  Payment is processed through PayPal, but an account is not required.
Step 7:  Entering your credit card payment information.

Enter your credit card information exactly as it appears on your credit card account or PayPal will decline the transaction.  Related information includes how your name is written, your physical address and email. 


Please be advised that we will ship only  to the address used at the time of payment.  We do not ship to alternate addresses.  If your address is incorrect in PayPal, please correct it before submitting your order.


We are not responsible for packages that are lost or delivered to an incorrect address.  We cannot “recall” a package once it has been shipped.

Paypal shopping cart
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