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Lace Closure Bases and Textures

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

Lace Closure Bases

Lace closure bases are popular in an assortment of base styles and textures.  Closure bases have transformed the traditional sew-in and partial wig into a work of art!   Many bases are undetectable, while some still require a bit of work to conceal the lace grid.

The most popular partings are:

  1. Center Part

  2. 3-Way Part

  3. Freestyle Part

Methods to Conceal the Lace Grid

There are many techniques used to conceal the lace grid.  Some choose to hide the grid with the application of foundations and powders, while others consider the application of foundation in addition to clear Protective Shield, hair color sprays, Scar Away and stretch mesh caps.

No matter which method you choose, we know that your closure will look the best it can possibly be!

However, we would like to mention that there ARE lace foundations available that do not require the tedious amount of work to cover the grids.  The Vaniss Lace HD and Ultra Thin lace are perfect examples!   Simply ventilate the strands of hair into the wig lace and apply to the scalp.  The foundation will virtually disappear!

Many of our wig makers also love to use the Swiss Lace and Film Lace to perfect the lace closure bases.  There are also more experienced wig makers that desire to make their own Silk Top wigs with our material.

Wig making is not difficult, but it does require practice and patience.  The end result is well worth your time!

We encourage all wig wearers and hair extension enthusiasts to learn how to create lace closure bases for clients, family and friends.

Try our range of premium lace foundations and see the difference!

You’re only one click away from making the perfect hairpiece!

Lace closure bases and textures

View the different lace closure bases and textures. Textures include: Body Wave, Curly, Loose Wave and Straight. Partings include: Three Way, Center and Freestyle parting.  Reference chart provided by

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