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Use the full polyskin sheet to create a custom skin pad for your wig.  The skin pad is added to the perimeter, trigger points or temples of a custom wig cap (hairpiece or toupee).  The use of the skin pad will reduce the amount of wear and tear around the temples and hairline due to daily application.

The poly skin sheet is a flesh color, but will become clear when adhesive is applied.
Length: 8.5x11 inches


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The poly sheet does not have an adhesive backing.
It may be glued or stitched to the underside of the wig or hairpiece.  


The skin pad will help hold the wig in place and also lessen the damage caused by daily application and removal of wig adhesive.


You may trim the poly sheet to fit the contour of the specified wig area.

Full Poly Skin Sheet (8.5x11)

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