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Wig  polyurethane used to repair thin skin wigs and toupees, undercoat lace wigs, create tape pads and to seal knots.

The amber colored jars will protect the resin from light and allow it to last longer.

Clear containers are also available.


***We will not ship this product internationally. Shipping available within the U.S***

(Please note that this is a heat and air sensitive product.  No returns are accepted.)


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Wig Polyurethane

Out of Stock
  • Sizes available:

    2 oz

    4 oz

  • Store in room temperature area.

    Close lid tightly.  Exposure to air will make the poly thicken.

    DO NOT APPLY directly onto skin.  For wigs and bases only.

    Poly added to wig must be completely dry before wearing wig.

    If poly is stuck on a surface, you may remove with Goo Gone product.

    To thin the poly for use, you may use pure acetone.

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