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Swiss Lace for Wig Making

Swiss Lace for Wig Making
Professional High Quality Swiss Lace for Wigs
What is Swiss Lace?

Swiss lace is a high quality wig-making fabric imported from Germany.  The material is slightly beige in color and is able to be tinted to suit a variety of skin complexions.  Swiss lace is thin and less detectable than other lace foundations.  Being of higher quality, this lace tends to be costly as compared to the more affordable French lace.  Swiss lace is not recommended for novice wig-makers and others that are new to wearing lace wigs.  Swiss lace tends to tear and damage easily due to the delicate and very fine construction of the fabric.  Wig units constructed with Swiss lace should be professionally installed, unless you are skilled in applying wigs.


Super Fine or Ultra Thin Swiss lace would be the finest version of Swiss lace available.  It is more delicate than the Swiss lace and is not readily available to the public.



Swiss Lace Wig Cap Construction

Many vendors do not make entire wig caps with foundations that are Swiss lace only. The lace wig would be very costly and the average consumer would not be able to afford such a wig.  However, many celebrities and well-known entertainers wear full lace wigs because price is not an issue.


To make Swiss lace wigs more affordable, wig-makers will add the Swiss Lace at the hairline and add French Lace (or other foundations) throughout the remainder of the wig.  When the hair is ventilated in to the wig, the seam between the two will not be visible.


Most standard lace wigs are made using French lace or Korean lace.



Swiss Lace in the Marketplace

Please be aware that Swiss lace is in very high demand and many vendors know that it is a top-selling fabric.  You will see many advertisements from vendors selling Swiss lace for $10-$20 for a ½ or a full yard.  In reality, that material is not true Swiss lace.  Some vendors are using the Swiss lace keyword to get their products to sell.   Vendors are also calling their product “Swiss lace” because the consumer will instantly buy the product and feel like they’ve received an excelled deal because they do not understand the difference.


We at will only sell our customers quality Swiss lace.





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