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Top Reasons to Wear a Wig

No need to spend countless hours styling and maintaining your hair!  You can switch from short to long, curly to straight or black to blonde in a matter of minutes!  There will be no such thing as a “Bad Hair Day.”




You can purchase a great-looking wig in the range of $19.99 and above.  Synthetic wigs are usually more affordable while human hair wigs tend to be slightly more expensive.  Either way, you’ll save money by minimizing your frequent trips to the salon and buying miscellaneous hair care products to maintain your style at home.




Who says that wigs are only for the “mature” women of age?  Wigs have been worn by celebrities and actors for years!  Now that the Lace Front wig has emerged into the public view, wig-makers have been crafting new and more stylish wigs that can be worn by everyone.  With the help of wigs, you may now dare to experiment with a short hairstyle without cutting your hair!




Wigs are a godsend for clients suffering from Alopecia.  Lace Front wigs in particular are excellent because they will allow a more realistic look.  The client can choose to part the hair and even wear the wig in a high ponytail.  No one will know that the client is even wearing a hair addition.




Synthetic hair rank #1 for low maintenance.  The synthetic fibers are already pre-styled curly, wavy or straight.  After being washed the fibers will pop back into place when dry.  Heat is not required.   Human Hair rank #2, but is still deserving of being considered low maintenance.  Please note that a human hair wig will still require maintenance just as your natural hair, but not as much.  You must continue to condition and style your wig as you would care for your own hair. 




Top Reasons to Wear a Wig

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