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Custom Wig Head Measurements

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Have you ever tried on a wig that didn't quite fit comfortably? It was because the wig was either too big or too small. Most manufacturing companies produce wigs that are "one size fits all", but in reality, that is not always the case.

In most cases, some wigs are too small because the styled or braided hair underneath the wig makes the cap too snug. You can avoid this by learning how to modify the size of a conventional wig or taking appropriate head measurements when ordering a customized wig unit.

Here are the measurements that must be taken for a customized wig unit:

Wig Head Measurement - Circumference


Circumference will measure the perimeter of your head. Starting at the center of the front hairline, place the measuring tape flat against your head and completely guide it around your head. Position the measuring tape just above the ear, down towards the nape area and back around to the center of the front hairline.

Wig Head Measurement - Ear to Ear (Across the Hairline)


For this measurement, begin by placing the tape right above one ear and angle the tape so that it can be guided along your hairline until reaching the top of the other ear.

Custom Head Measurement - Front to Nape


Front to Nape will measure the length of your head from the front to the nape of your neck. The nape is located where your neck bends if you were to tilt your head back and look up. This is also where the bottom of the wig should sit to prevent shifting when the head tilts.

Starting at the front hairline, measure over the top of your head down to the nape area.

Custom Head Measurement - Temple to Temple


Place the measuring tape at one temple area and guide it along the back of your head until reaching the other temple area.

For this measurement, it is extremely important to wear your hair exactly how you plan on wearing it under the wig! This will decrease the chance of your wig not fitting properly.

Custom Head Measurement - Ear to Ear (Over the Top)


Ear to Ear (Over the Top) measures your head for the top of the wig base.

Place the measuring tape against your head at the top edge of your ear and go directly across the top of your head to the top edge of the opposite ear.

Custom Head Measurement - Nape


Place the measuring tape at the lowest point of your neck hairline and measure across the neck to the opposite side. This will measure the width of your neck.


  • Style or braid your hair how you plan to wear it under the wig before taking head measurements. This will ensure the proper fit.

  • Use soft measuring tape.

Measure your head 4 times to obtain totally accurate numbers.

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