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Differences Between French Lace and Thin Skin Hair Systems for Wigs, Toupees, Frontals and Closures

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

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A thin skin wig cap offers you the utmost natural appearance. The skin of the hair unit will most likely mimic your scalp closely and hair will look as though it is growing straight from the head. Virtually no colour customization is necessary. The translucent and transparent surface will go well with just about all hues and skin complexions. Nevertheless, the skin material of the system may be tinted deeper and darker, if desired. Making use of skin caps will require some form of practical knowledge when making wigs and hairpieces. The hair is mainly knotted or ventilated into the thin cap by applying v-loop, hair injection and/or split knots. Thin skin wig caps are generally obtainable in 3 thickness selections. All thickness ranges demand sufficient maintenance and proper care to protect against needless damage to the wig cap. However, thin skin wig caps with a 0.10mm thickness level are likely to offer a slightly higher lifespan.


French lace is quite affordable and is useful to produce a wide range of wig styles and hairpieces which include toupees, closures, frontals and braided wigs. This wig making foundation is normally a flesh color that can be integrated or enhanced to develop wigs for brown or lighter skin complexions.

French lace wig foundation is easily accessible online at the Amid Beauty store. Because of this, numerous wigmakers prefer to include the foundation to their on-hand supplies in order to produce tutorials, host wig making lessons along with devising reasonably priced lace wigs.

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