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Tips on How to Maximize Your Hair Ventilation and Lace Wig Making Skills

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

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A number of people have taken the effort to learn about the craft of hair ventilation. Nevertheless, many are inquiring to understand how and also where they are able to make use of this skillful and innovative technique.

Hair ventilation coupled with wig-making can be very helpful when utilized in the most appropriate areas. This article is going to supply a listing of market opportunities in addition to vocations which may accommodate your new skill.

Below is a number of suggestions to enable you to get started:

1. Simply create wigs or hair pieces for your friends and family!

2. Select from the following vocations:

  • Wig Specialist

  • Wig Constructor

  • Foundation Sewer

  • Expert Hair Ventilator

  • Wig Technician / Wig Expert

  • Wig Consultant / Educator

  • Customer Support Technician

  • Sales Expert

  • Mold Maker

  • Wig Stylist

  • Instructor / Trainer

3. Enter into any one of these trade target areas:

  • Hair Restoration

  • Wig Application **IN DEMAND**

  • Wig Customization **IN DEMAND**

  • Wig Repairs **IN DEMAND**

  • Theatre / Stage Performances, Plays

  • Television / Film

  • Cranial Prosthesis-Cancer Patients

  • Entertainment Industry

  • Trade Shows

  • Education



Should you decide to make wigs, the first thing that it is important to understand is the best method to ventilate hair.

Hair ventilation is the method of affixing individual strands of hair into a wig cap base and perhaps netting. Normally it takes time and also persistence to excel at the new skill, but nonetheless, once it is truly grasped, you are going to be very well on the way to becoming a MASTER WIG-MAKER!


Learning to construct customized wig caps is additionally a necessary skill. Many individuals prefer to dress in conventional wigs bought from the local area or online beauty supply, and yet others are looking for a far more personalized look and feel.

Standard wigs adopt the "One Size Fits All" approach while custom-made wigs are created to accommodate each and every consumer on a unique basis. Becoming proficient to make one-of-a-kind wig caps is extremely valuable due to the fact your top clientele and business professionals will prefer a wig produced that appears quite natural instead of "wiggy”. The most in-demand style of wig available today is the Lace Front Wig. It happens to be prominent mainly because the lace around the perimeter of the wig is amazingly fine so the hair seems to be as though it is growing straight from the scalp.

Customization is a service that certainly not all businesses can provide. This unique service is extremely important to the avid wig enthusiasts simply because they understand and may have experienced its true value.


Think about it… Have you at one time been excited to visit a retail wig store merely to discover that it didn’t currently have the STYLE, COLOR, TEXTURE, LENGTH, or QUALITY that you were seeking?

Those preferences won’t even be an issue when it comes to investing in a customized unit.

The most popular design of wig on the market today is the Lace Front Wig. It happens to be prominent mainly because the lace around the perimeter of the wig is amazingly fine so the hair seems to be as though it is growing straight from the scalp.

When worn correctly, the final result is an undetectable hairline illusion which is the secret to experiencing gorgeous tresses as well as a flawless look for any occasion! Celebrities and also actors have used this style of wig for countless years, and now it has grown to be the hottest trend for most wig styles.


  • Standard Ventilation

  • Latch Hook Ventilation


  • Split Knots

  • Single Knotting

  • Double Knotting

  • Point Knotting

  • V-Looping (or U-Looping)

  • Crochet Knots

  • Underknotting

Suggested Items:

Asian or German Hair Ventilating Needle, Slide and Punch Hair Injection Needle, Brass or Wooden Needle Holder, Latch Hook, Canvas Block, Human Hair, Pins, Wig Cap, Wig Lace Foundation or Gauze


The application of the wig unit is extremely important, therefore you should always be knowledgeable about various installation techniques. Each and every client is different and one approach might work for one, and not for another person. Ensure that the unit is secure and is unable to shift.

There are numerous sources accessible to learn about the art and practice of wig-making. Take time to commit to your new craft by reading through a number of different publications, observing instructional videos and rehearsing the various techniques.


Photo of Brass needle holder, German needle, Asian Neede, Crochet hook, Punch needle
  • Attachment with adhesive or invisible sewing

  • Glueless wig caps w/elastic bands

  • Vacuum Cap Wigs

  • Wire wig combs, Velcro and clasps

Suggested Items:

Precision Curved Needle, Got 2 B Glued, Wig Adhesive, Elastic Band, Wig Polyurethane Resin, Polyurethane Strips, Wire Wig Attachment Combs, Invisible Thread, Toupee Clips, Adhesive Remover

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