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Sexy Hair! - Malaysian, Brazilian or Peruvian?

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Hair Chart:  Malaysian, Brazilian and Peruvian Human Hair

SO MANY BEAUTIFUL hair types and textures... Which should you choose?

Malaysian, Brazilian and Peruvian hair are the most popular types in the marketplace.

Read our list of qualities for each hair type to help select which one is best for you.


  • Very high luster and shine with a smooth, sleek feel

  • Low porosity | Does not swell or frizz in humid conditions

  • Hair holds very well without the use of products

  • “Hair used by many celebrities and entertainers”

  • Luster similar to Brazilian

  • Handles hair tinting very well


  • Soft, durable with a high density

  • texture resembles African American natural and relaxed hair

  • Holds color well and less likely to frizz

  • holds curl longer than Malaysian and Indian textures

  • Silkier and shinier than Indian hair


  • Low density with coarser cuticle than Malaysian or Brazilian

  • Able to use 4+ bundles and retain a feather-like look and feel

  • Blends extremely well with African American relaxed hair

  • Very durable, versatile and blends very well

  • Can be curled and styled repeatedly with low damage to the hair

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