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Are You Ready to Experience the New Cornrow Cap?

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

New Cornrow Cap

Viveca Fox Cornrow Cap

The Cornrow Cap is the newest weaving solution for applying hair extensions.   The Cornrow Cap is a weaving cap that is affixed with faux cornrows.  The purpose of the cap is to lessen the stress of tension your hair has to manage Created by Vivica A Fox, she claims that the cap will give your edges a break when wearing a wig or weave hairstyle.

The cap has not hit the market yet, but it is highly anticipated.

Typically a client’s hair will be cornrowed before the hair extensions are installed.  However, if the client already has thick hair, the Cornrow Cap may cause the finished hairstyle to be a bit bulky.   After hearing the promotional ads and viewing the picture of the Cornrow Cap, I think that it is a solution that will only work best for individuals with short or have some type of hair loss.

Here is the description provided for the Cornrow Cap:

  1. Available in S, M and L – and molds to your head for a secure fit.

  2. Features 2 cornrow patterns: Horseshoe and Straight Back

  3. Originally design for patients with Cancer, however, the caps are also great for short hair, weave caps, sew-ins, crochet braids and interlocking.

  4. The Cornrow Cap is patented by the Vivica Fox Hair Collection.

Quick Tip:

In the meantime, if you able to have cornrows applied to you hair, try attaching a stretchable net or traditional weaving net to your braids before applying your hair extension.  It will definitely reduce the amount of tension on your edges.

What do you think about the new Cornrow Cap?  Will you use this new hair extension solution for your future sew-ins?

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