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Are you interested in working in the wig industry, but don't know where to begin? 


Choosing the right wig service field can be challenging. Here are a few wig services that you might be able to provide to your clients. Choose the one that suits your skill level and expertise.

Wig coloring service - mannequin with long body wave human hair in two colors, dark blonde and lighter


Wig Coloring:

The process of coloring wigs involves applying color to them to achieve a desired look or to match the color of a person's hair. Various techniques are used by professionals to create different effects, including dyeing, highlighting, and lowlighting. A variety of colors are available, including natural shades, vibrant hues, and trendy shades. Individuals can customize wigs according to their preferences with wig coloring services, thus allowing for increased style versatility and personal expression. The best way to ensure a successful and long-lasting color change is to consult with a stylist who can assess the wig's material and recommend appropriate products and techniques.

An important skill is the ability to dye or color wigs to match specific shades or create unique color combinations. Understanding color theory, blending techniques, and selecting appropriate dyes or pigments are all part of this skill.

Wig restyling services, models with different color hair and wigs

Wig Restyling and Customization:

Changing existing wigs to suit individual preferences and needs is part of the restyling and customization process. Wigs can be customized in terms of style, color, length, and texture. The techniques used by professional wig stylists include cutting, trimming, coloring, and heat styling. Individuals can express their individual style and enhance their confidence through customization options that range from subtle enhancements to dramatic transformations. A wig restyling and customization service offers a tailored solution for those seeking a fresh and customized look, whether it is reviving an old wig or creating a completely new one.

The ability to use heat styling tools such as curling irons, flat irons, and hot rollers is essential for creating various hairstyles, waves, or curls. In order to avoid damaging the wig, it is important to know how to apply heat safely.

Wig cleaning and conditioning services, shampoo and conditioner pink and blue with bubbles

Wig Cleaning & Conditioning:

The purpose of wig cleaning and conditioning is to refresh and maintain the quality of wigs. Dirt, oils, styling products, and lace glue residue are typically removed during these services.  Shampoos and conditioners designed specifically for wigs clean and hydrate them, ensuring that they remain soft and manageable. As well as restoring luster, conditioning treatments prevent tangling or matting. By maintaining wigs professionally, wearers can enjoy beautiful and well-maintained hairstyles for years to come.


Cutting and shaping wigs according to desired styles is also a vital skill. As part of this process, layers, bangs, or specific haircuts may be created to achieve the desired look.

Wig repair services, wig cap repair, pink blonde and brown wigs being repaired

Wig Cap Repair:

Damaged wigs can be repaired and restored, making them wearable again. Professional technicians can assess damage to wigs and repair them, whether they have wear and tear, frayed edges, loose, or missing strands, or other issues.

A wig repair service usually involves reattaching loose or detached wig caps, resewing wefts, replacing damaged or missing hair strands, re-fronting the hairline, and fixing torn lace fronts.

The technicians at wig repair shops are capable of repairing both synthetic and human hair wigs. By using specialized tools and techniques, they ensure that the repairs are discreet and blend seamlessly with the original wig.

When individuals opt for wig repair services, they can extend the life of their wigs and save money over buying new ones. It is through these services that wig wearers can prolong the life and quality of their wigs, allowing them to enjoy them for many years to come.

wig maker, hair ventilating using straight human hair and single knots

Wig Ventilation:

Wig ventilation is a specialized technique used to create realistic wigs that look natural. The ventilation process involves hand-tying individual strands of hair on a wig cap, mimicking the growth process of human hair. Wig technicians carefully knot each strand of hair to the cap, ensuring a seamless and secure attachment.  The skill is essential for creating natural-looking partings and hairlines on custom wigs. Attention to detail, precision, and patience are required.

Hair ventilation techniques determine how the hair moves and lays on the wig, which is essential for achieving a realistic appearance. The importance of this service cannot be overstated when it comes to custom-made wigs, as they ensure the hair looks as natural as possible and matches the client's style preferences. Professional hair ventilation services can transform a wig into a lifelike and beautiful hairpiece with the expertise of professional wig technicians.


Brown hair integration wigs - wig topper - Human hair

Wig Integration (Wigs and Toppers):

Integrating a wig seamlessly with natural hair or existing hairpieces is an important skill. To achieve a natural appearance, a smooth transition must be made between the wig and the individual's own hair. Become familiar with making hairpieces and toppers that incorporate hair.  It would be helpful to have demonstration units available as well.

Wig modification services, wig maker in dark room with light applying changes to a wig

Wig Modification:

What could be worse than wearing a wig that is too large?  Have you ever tried on a wig that was too small?  It is essential to be able to customize wigs to fit different heads.  For a more comfortable and secure fit, wigs can be reshaped, or the cap size adjusted.

Wigs for Kids, picture of young girl on playground wearing a long loose wave wig with human hair

Wigs for Kids:

Consider volunteering with organizations such as Wigs for Kids if you are interested in making wigs for kids. The organization provides hairpieces to children 18 years and younger who are suffering from medical hair loss.  Each step of the eight stages of the program is explained in detail in the recipient program.  It's a great way to show off your skills and boost kids' self-confidence.

Creative wig styling, fashion hair with multiple colors pink green blue yellow pink red orange rainbow

Creative Wig Styling:

When it comes to creative wig styling, having a creative mindset and thinking outside the box can set you apart. Create unconventional styles, incorporate unique techniques, or incorporate accessories into your work to make it stand out. Industry demands for this skill would be high in television and theatre.

Wigs for cancer patients, woman surrounded by various wigs in multiple styles and colors

Wigs for Cancer Patients (Medical Wigs / Cranial Prosthesis):

When constructing medical wigs, special considerations must be taken. Medical wigs are primarily used by cancer patients or those who suffer from a medical condition that causes them to lose their hair. Medical wigs are known for being minimally irritating to the scalp. 

The patient wants a wig that fits securely to his or her head while being soft and comfortable. Wigs are better kept on the head when silicone is added to prevent slippage.

For medical wigs, glue or tape should not be used since they can irritate the scalp.

A wig consultant should also be able to bill for cranial prostheses in order to possibly get their clients reimbursed for the cost of the wig.

Developing these wig-related skills requires practice, training, and continuous learning. When you master these techniques, you can provide your clients with customized wig solutions.


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