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Drawing Cards (Mats) – Hair Preparation During Boardwork

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

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Have you ever experienced loose hair strands flying everywhere while attempting to ventilate your wig or hairpiece?

Have you ever lost track of which way the hair was turned after it was placed back on the table?

Did you know that there is a tool that many wigmakers use that addresses the above problems?

Drawing mats (also known as drawing cards)  are offered in a 2 piece set and available in a variety of lengths. (Quality and size vary by manufacturer)

Drawing mats (or drawing cards) are used to prepare hair during board work.  Wig makers use the set of cards to hold loose bulk hair while drawing off and turning the hair.

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  1. Drawing hair into separate lengths

  2. Keep the roots and ends turned in the correct direction while ventilating

  3. Easy to “turn hair”

  4. Easy to use

  5. L-Shaped prongs keeps hair steady and in place

  6. Essential wig making product


  1. Place one mat on the table with the prongs facing away from you.

  2. Lay the hair on the mat with the points facing the up and the roots pointing downward.

  3. Add the second mat on top of the hair and first mat while carefully interlocking the L-shaped prongs.

  4. Carefully draw out fine sections of hair at a time. Avoid drawing too much hair at one time.

If you have any questions on how to properly use the drawing mats, feel free to contact us!

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