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How to Repair a Poly Wig Base – Easy Steps!

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

Main Picture - Thin Skin Cap In the Process of Being Repaired

How to Repair a Poly Wig Base

Do you currently wear a thin skin wig or a hairpiece with poly around the perimeter? Interested in learning how to repair poly wigs?

If you wear your poly base frequently, it is possible that you may have already experienced a hole or tear as a result of daily wear. This blog will instruct you on the proper way to repair a hole or tear in the skin base or poly perimeter.

Keep in mind that the repair offers a temporary solution suitable for small holes and tears.

The process to repair the base is simple and easy to understand. However, if you are uncomfortable doing your own repair, it is suggested that you send your hairpiece to a wig repair specialist.

Poly Wig Repair:  Supplies Needed

  1. Liquid Poly for Wigs

  2. Double-sided wig tape (transparent)

  3. Styrofoam

  4. T-Pins

  5. Adjustable Wig Clamp or Wig Mount

  6. Small spatula, smoothing stick or applicator brush

  7. 100% pure acetone

  8. Paper towel (Viva)

  9. Blow dryer

  10. Scissors

  11. 3M Transpore Medical Tape*

Step 1: Clean Your Hair System

Thoroughly wash the hair.  Remove all dirt, oil and adhesive residue from the base.  Allow the hair system to dry completely.

If you are repairing a new base that has tears, but with no hair, proceed to step two.

Step 2: Secure and Prepare the Base

Thinning and Cleaning Base with Acetone. Step 2 - Secure and Prepare the Base

Step 2

(No Hair)

Turn the base inside out and place it on the styrofoam wig head. Secure the perimeter of the base using the heads of t-pins or medical tape. Make sure that the torn area is as flat as possible. Lightly clean the area with acetone to remove any existing oil or debris.

(With Hair)

Turn the base inside out, with the underside of the base facing up. Use T-pins the secure the hair system to the Styrofoam wig head. DO NOT puncture the skin or poly perimeter. Angle the pin so that the head overlaps the edge of the base to secure it.

If you are repairing a full poly system, you may also hold the base down using the 3M Transpore Medical Tape.

Ensure that the hole or torn area is as flat as possible. Lightly clean the area with 100% acetone to thin and flatten the area while removing any existing oil or debris.

If the loose hair gets in in the way of the area being repaired, hold it down to the head with medical tape.

Step 3: The Repair Process

Measuring the Double Sided Tape on Tear -

Step 3

Using the double-sided wig tape, measure the amount of adhesive needed to cover the hole.

Use a piece slightly larger than the area being repaired.

Place the tape over the affected area. Press down firmly and rub the area so that it remains flat.

Once the area has been flattened, gently remove the tape backing.

Step 4: Apply the Liquid Wig Poly

Wig Polyurethane to be Added to the Base -

Step 4

Apply a very thin layer of the liquid polyurethane over the tape. The liquid wig poly should extend past the edges of the tape.

Allow the patch to dry thoroughly.

The drying time can be shortened with the use of a hair dryer. Always dry you base using the lowest setting.

If you choose to air dry the base, allow 24 hours for the repaired area to dry completely.

Make certain that the wig poly is absolutely dry before applying any type of wig adhesive.

** Please note that extensive base repairs may require additional methods of restoration including the application of a tape skin pad to cover a larger torn area, in addition to filling in balding areas using various methods of hair ventilation.**

Final picture of the repaired poly base -

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Jun 28, 2020

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