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Looking for Invisible Wig Lace? No Problem! Check Out The Vaniss HD Lace *

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

The NEW VANISS HD wig lace is just like the original Vaniss lace, but slightly thicker (40 denier) and more manageable.  The lace is great for multiple complexions and will disappear when adhesive is applied.  This wig making foundation is available in multiple lengths and is available to purchase by the yard.

Vaniss HD Lace Placed Against The Client's Skin

Vaniss HD is great for making custom wig cap creations, full lace wigs, lace closures, and frontals.

Single Strand Hair Ventilation

You can bring L I F E to your U-part wig as well as #slay your custom made unit.

The New Vaniss HD lace is also available to purchase in bulk.

For a limited time only, enter code VLHD2 at checkout to save 5% on your purchase.

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