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Wig Lace Denier Comparison Chart

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Wig Lace Denier Reference Chart

Have you ever wondered which denier would work best for your next wig unit? Did you know that the LOWER the denier, the HIGHER the cost of lace?

Higher lace denier will require heavy blending to look more realistic, while lower wig lace denier will blend effortlessly.


60% - 100 % Denier It is usually advised to attach this base to the crown and backside of the wig cap. 35% - 55% Denier Can be utilized as fronting lace , and can involve blending together with foundation, concealers and make up. It happens to be the selection that is generally mostly supplied by numerous distributors. The majority of conventional lace front wigs available at retail supply shops are 35% - 40% denier. 10% -30% Denier This selection will need hardly any blending simply because the lace is going to vanish the moment adhesive is applied. Typically, the fabric will likely disappear immediately when put in place against the skin. Remarkably premier lace. Sought after by skilled wigmakers. Not recommended to be used by inexperienced wigmakers.

View our assortment of wig lace and base foundations here.

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