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Hair Ventilating Class Reference Manual Now Available! Great for New & Experienced Wigmakers

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

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Interested in wig making?  Looking for hair ventilating classes?  Curious to learn hair ventilating methods?  Have you taken a hair ventilating class recently and need a guide to reference?

The Hair Ventilating Class Reference Manual is an excellent resource to experience before or even after you have completed a ventilation class. This handbook consists of vibrant illustrations and charts that. It is conveniently printed in a sizable 8.5 x 14 inch horizontal format to ensure that it is easy to understand.  All pages and covers are completely laminated for document protection and long lasting durability. Related

Subjects Include:

How to Make a Head Mold for a Wig

Custom Head Measurements and Sizing

Aspects of a Wig Cap

Hair Preparation  | Wig Hackle and Drawing Cards

The Structure of Hair | Identifying Cuticle Hair

Hair Ventilation Overview Procedure and Strategies

Identifying Wig Lace Denier

Hair Density for Wigs

Hair Length and Measurements for Hair Ventilating

*plus more colorful and educational charts

Additional Resources:

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