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How to Make a Hard Front Wig Look Natural – Here’s the best way to conceal the hairline…

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

Wigs offer limitless styles, convenience, protection for natural hair and the option to cover your thinning hair. However, some hard top wigs tend to look unnatural because of the hairline.

In this blog, we’ll discuss underknotting.  Underknotting is the best way to blend and conceal the hairline of a hard front wig!

What is Underknotting?

What is underknotting? Underknotting is adding fine single flat knots under the hairline of a wig, toupee or postiche.

Once the piece has been fully ventilated, turn it inside out on a malleable block. Apply fine single knotting to the edge of the foundation, following the direction of the hair on the other side.

It is suggested to add 2-3 rows of underknotting. Once the knotting is completed, the wig is usually pressed, using tissue paper or a cloth to protect the hair. Pressing the knots will ensure that they are flat and flowing in the same direction.

What are the benefits of underknotting?

Underknotted hair can make a hair replacement system look undetectable because it covers the hard edge and hides the base material.

Which Wig Bases Are Best for Underknotted Hair?

Underknotted hair is mainly applicable on hard front wigs. Hard front wigs are characterized by having thick-edged bases (such as fine mono bases with poly around the edge), bases with folded net along the front hairline, and hairpieces with ribbon around the edge as well as silk tops with poly coating.

When these kinds of hair systems are installed, they may not look as natural as others. To make the front hairline appear natural and make it appear undetectable, underknotted hair is ventilated into the hair system to blend and cover the edge.

Which Wig Bases Should Not Use Underknotting?

Underknotted hair cannot be used on lace front hair systems and ultra-thin skin base hair systems because these bases are already very natural along the front hairline so there is no need to hide the edge. If the client prefers to have hair around the edge, it is best to apply baby hair.

What is Baby Hair?

Baby hair is short hair ventilated to the top side of the hair wig unit. Short and curly baby hair is typically used for wholesale men’s hair systems. The hair measures approximately 1/4 inch (4mm-6mm) in length.

If baby hair is used on fine mono bases with poly around the edge, the baby hair should be applied the underside of the wig the same as underknotted hair. The hair should be small, curly and about 4mm-6mm.

Lace and ultra-thin skin hair systems require the baby hair to be knotted on the top side of the unit. The hair must not be ventilated to the underside of the base.

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