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V-Looping: Discover the No Knot Hair Ventilation Method

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

V-looping hair ventilation method added to thin skin wig and toupee.

Many people are eagerly seeking a hair system that’s natural and realistic. Most agree that the biggest concern is the way to conceal the knots…

Can you image a wig or hairpiece that doesn’t require bleaching the knots or concealing the knots with foundation or powder? 

This course will demonstrate a highly sought-after ventilating technique called v-looping.  V-looping is one among three ventilating methods designed to be exclusive to skin and poly bases to enhance their realism.

V-looping is fascinating because the hair is affixed to the base WITHOUT the presence of knots! This method creates an invisible, natural front hairline while giving wig a noticeable bounce and lift.

Ready to learn?  We’ll show you how!

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