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What is WIG LACE Denier? How Does It Affect Your Wigs, Closures and Frontals?

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

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What is Wig Lace Denier?

Den-ier – A unit of weight used to measure the fineness of silk and man-made fibers. It is equal to 1 gram per 9000 meters. (Ex. rayon, nylon and silk).

In layman’s terms, denier can be simply described as the thickness of the fabric or “wig lace density”.

A HIGH denier will result in a heavier, opaque material. A LOW denier will be lighter and sheer.

The LOWER the denier…the HIGHER the cost!

Many customers ask the following questions:

  1. How does wig lace denier effect the general appearance of a lace front wig, closure or frontal?

  2. How can I obtain the best natural hairline without the use of unnecessary make-up foundation, concealers and powders?

Summary of Wig Lace Denier Classifications

Lower denier wig lace fabric preferably should be applied by skilled wigmakers simply because it is incredibly fine and delicate.

Extraordinary attention to detail need to be implemented to attach and remove wigs and hairpieces manufactured with this high-quality material.

Higher denier wig lace material is mostly used on retail wigs that are low in cost and that have been mass produced.

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Wig Lace Denier Ranges from 10% – 100%

Want to achieve a certain look while wearing your lace wig, closure or frontal?   View the wig denier ranges to decide which material is best for your custom unit.

60% – 100 % Denier

It is recommended to put this foundation to the crown and back of the wig cap.

35% – 55% Denier

Can be utilized as fronting lace and will need blending together with foundation, concealers and make up. This is the selection which is generally supplied by numerous suppliers. The majority of conventional lace front wigs offered at retail beauty supply stores are 35% – 40% denier.

10% -30% Denier

This choice requires minimal blending mainly because the lace is going to vanish the minute adhesive is applied. In many instances, the material will disappear immediately once applied against the skin. This is an incredibly professional lace. Desired by knowledgeable wigmakers. Not recommended to be used by inexperienced wigmakers.

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Curious to discover the most popular wig lace foundations on the market today?

  1. Film Lace – 20 Denier

  2. Swiss Lace – 30 Denier

  3. Extra Fine Swiss Lace – 15 Denier

  4. Vaniss Lace – 30 Denier

  5. Opera Lace – 30 Denier

  6. Natrilace – 30 Denier

Amid Beauty aims to provide customers with many different denier levels to satisfy the requirement of all wigmakers.

Contact us to request a FREE SAMPLE!

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