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Where to Buy Swiss Lace for Wigs? Ultra Thin and Extra Fine Swiss Wig Lace Available!

Updated: Jan 21, 2023


Swiss Lace is a top quality wig-making material brought in from Germany. The material is somewhat beige in shade which is capable of be tinted to go well with a number of different skin complexions. Swiss lace is thin and less detectable compared to some other wig lace foundations. Being of higher quality, this wig lace happens to be expensive when compared with the more economical French lace. Swiss lace is not advised for inexperienced wigmakers as well as others which happen to be unfamiliar with wearing lace wigs. Swiss lace has a tendency to tear and even damage easily as a consequence of the fragile and very fine denier and design of the fabric. Wig units constructed with Swiss lace ought to be professionally installed, except if you are knowledgeable in applying lace wigs.

Super Fine or Ultra Thin Swiss lace is definitely the finest type of Swiss lace on the market! It most certainly is considerably MORE delicate by comparison with the Swiss lace as well as being not easily available to the public.

Ultra Thin Extra Fine Swiss Lace 15 Denier Against Finders


A lot of manufacturers will not produce whole wig caps with foundations that are Swiss lace only. The full Swiss lace wig is actually very expensive and the typical customer probably would not have the ability to afford to pay for this kind of a hairpiece. Nevertheless, numerous celebrities as well as well-known entertainers dress in full lace wigs made from Swiss mainly because pricing is not a concern.

To help to make Swiss lace wigs more practical, wig-makers will most likely include the Swiss lace at the hairline and then blend French lace (or possibly supplementary foundations) all through the remainder of the wig. The moment the tresses are ventilated directly into the wig, the seam between the two is not really noticeable.

The majority of typical lace wigs are inexpensively constructed making use of stiffened French or Korean lace.


  1. Adding Swiss lace to your product inventory will show your customers that you serve a diverse group of clients! Authentic Swiss is manufactured in Europe and only offered by very few vendors. (Please be aware that Authentic Swiss lace is not available in China.)

  1. Are you seeking a simply flawless hairline? Well, look no further!   The Ultra Thin | Extra Fine Swiss is 15 denier, very thin and light. Blending is never an issue because the wig lace foundation will match diverse skin complexions! Nevertheless, the foundation could very well be tinted if ever preferred.

  1. Take your custom lace wigs to the next level!   Just adding a strip of Extra Fine or standard Swiss lace to the hairline of your unit will boost the demand and desire for your products. Not to mention that your rate of return ($) will be substantially higher than offering only conventional lace wigs.

Our Extra Fine Swiss is currently IN STOCK and offered in various lengths. There is an increased marketplace demand for this wig making foundation and consequently often sells rapidly! offers FREE samples swatches of this material and will be more than pleased to mail a piece to you before deciding to buy.

* Please contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to obtain a free sample.  There is no minimum order required to purchase from us.  We service novice and professional wigmakers.  Location is no problem… we service multiple international locations including Canada, Great Britian, South Africa, Australia, Germany and more.


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