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Wig Ear and Glue Tabs | Learn the Benefits and Best Placement

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

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What are ear tabs?

Ear tabs are features added to your wig to help guide placement of the wig being worn. They are easily found in the temple area.

What is the purpose of ear tabs?

Ear tabs are included to guide the placement of your wig as it is placed on the head. They also ensure a secure and natural-looking fit around the ears.  This is typically a benefit for non-lace wigs. This type of ear tab is constructed from the non-slip velvet material or wig mesh with or without a wire added. Ear tabs can be adjusted or removed for maximum comfort.

Lace wigs generally use ear tabs for extra security with the help of adhesive. Ear  and wig tabs can be created with liquid wig polyurethane, tape skin pads, poly strips or lace infused poly. These tabs are often referred to as “glue tabs”.

Where are the wig tabs placed?

Ear tabs are in the temple area, directly in front of your ears. If the wig is being worn properly, the ear tabs should be level, and in the same place on either side of your head. If the tabs are not parallel, your wig is not straight.

For lace wigs, ear tabs are included in the temple area and additional glue tabs may be added to the main pressure and trigger points on the wig.

The following areas are common for glue tabs:

  1. Temples

  2. Lower nape area

  3. Across the back, above the nape area

  4. Along each side of your parting

  5. Center point

  6. Along the perimeter

When is it best to use glue tabs?

Adding glue tabs to a wig is beneficial if you are suffering from hair loss or suffer from baldness and you desire to wear a wig.

What is the most used material used for glue tabs?

Wig polyurethane is most used for glue tabs. Wig poly is great because the material is not easily destroyed using adhesives and removal products. Wig poly can be brushed on the areas directly or added in the form of tape skin pads. Some have found that it is easier to purchase a full poly sheet so that the tabs can be trimmed according to the desired location and placement on the wig.

If using a tape skin pad or a poly sheet, remember to turn your wig inside out and attach the poly material with the shiny side facing outwards and the rough side against the lace.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

Happy Wig Making!

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