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Hair Density Levels and Hair Ventilation Methods for Wig Base Foundation

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

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So, you would like to make a wig? I am sure you have noticed numerous blog sites and social media posts consisting of great wig-related information, but are you aware that each and every wig foundation is meant for a maximum wig hair density? For instance, almost all wigmakers realize that you would not manage to construct a full wig utilizing Extra Fine Swiss lace if the hair is extremely hefty and thick. The foundation would certainly rip in the course of the ventilation process! In order to be well-informed about using the foundation correctly, you must be able to identify hair density.

What is hair density? Hair density is usually described the amount of hair found in one square inch (2.5 cm) of scalp.


-The advantages of applying the appropriate method-

The style of ventilation method applied is equally as essential as the wig foundation. The manner in which the hair is knotted or inserted into the wig making foundation can determine just how realistic the completed wig will appear.  And of course, you cannot forget that the hair ventilating supplies are important as well!

There are specific foundations that will work better with a particular method of ventilation. Nevertheless, the ultimate decision will depend on upon the kind of results you are seeking.

As an example, in what way would you ventilate hair into a full skin cap wig? Do you think you would attempt to apply single or double knots? Actually, single knots can be utilized, however only with a skin ventilating needle. The ideal ventilation methods have proven to be injection, v-loop, split and single knots.

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Take advantage of this chart as a reference when choosing material to design your future wig unit. Using this information as a guide will give you the best results on how to make your wig look real.

Note: The chart is sorted by wig density – least to greatest Extra Fine Swiss Lace60% Maximum Density – Single knots – 1 strand Silk Gauze80% – Injected hair all over with under hair on hairline and undercoating with PU or French Method ventilation with single knots Vaniss Ultra Thin80% – Single and single split knots 0.03mm Thin Skin – Clear PU100% – Injection, v-loop, split or single knots (“S” Needle) Base No. 2 Wig Foundation100% – Single and split knots Dark Swiss Lace100% – Single and split knots Film Lace100% – Single and split knots French Lace100% – Single and split knots Natrilace 100% – Single and split knots Silk Top Foundation100% – Single and split knots Swiss Lace 100% – Single and split knots Opera Lace 120% – Single, single split, double, double split knots Smooth (Silk) Monofilament Foundation – 120% – Double knots or French Method ventilation 0.08mm thin Skin – Clear PU – 140% – Injection, v-loop, split or single knots (“S” Needle) Vaniss HD140% – Single at hairline, single, double and double split knots Geramn Lace – 180% – Single, single split, double, double split knots Korean180% – Single, single split, double, double split knots Welded Monofilament180% – Single, single split, double, double split knots

For anyone who is a fairly new wigmaker, the preferable wig foundations to work with while practicing your ventiation technique are German, Korean and Welded Monofilament.

We recommend that Extra Fine Swiss, Silk Gauze and Vaniss and Ultra Thin wig lace mainly be considered by knowledgeable and skilled wigmakers.

Every foundation possesses unique characteristics in relation to use, transparency and wig lace denier. If you have found this post valuable to you in any way, remember to post a comment to share with many other wigmakers.

Happy Wig Making!

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