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Hair Ventilation and Wig Making Class – Hosted by Amid Beauty

Updated: Jan 21, 2023


Participate in a 6-hour class to learn ventilating skills that can open the door to a new path in wig making!


 “Hair Ventilation” or “Hair Ventilating” is the process of knotting individual strands of hair into a wig cap or lace foundation. This creative skill has been around for centuries as master wig makers designed beautiful wigs for kings and queens, public officials, family and friends.  Today hair ventilating has become gained increasing popularity due to the trending fascination over the Lace Front Wig.   Lace Front Wigs have been around for many years, but were not readily available to the public.  Lace wigs are now being worn by many actors and celebrities due to the natural appearance of hair growing directly from the scalp.  Even retailers and beauty supply companies have acknowledged that the lace front wigs are the hottest selling product in their stores!  Wig makers and hair ventilators are being created every day!  Social media (most notably, Instagram) is also shining the spotlight on professional and stylists by showcasing their remarkable talent and ventilating skills!

Hair Ventilation Wig Making Class Texas


This class is offered to learn the skills of hair ventilation and wig making.   Please visit our website to view a comprehensive list of the topics covered.

Class:  Hair Ventilation & Wig Making

Cost:  $500.00

Time:  9:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Location:  Lewisville, TX  75067, USA  (DFW Area)


  1. Styrofoam Wig Head

  2. Practice Tools & T-Pins

  3. Comb

  4. Spray Bottle

  5. Yaki Hair Bundle

  6. 7 pc Hair Ventilating Needle Combo

  7. Latch hook Ventilating Needle

  8. Marker

  9. Duckbill Clips

  10. 1  Yard of Base Lace

  11. 1 Yard of French Lace

  12. ½ Yard of NatriLace

  13. Vaniss Lace HD (11” x 6”)

  14. Adjustable Wig Clamp*

  15. 1 Lace Frontal Base

  16. Scissors*

  17. Certificate of Completion

*Items marked by an asterisk (*) must be returned at the end of class*

$500.00 payment is required to secure your spot in the class.    We only allow 5 students per class so that we can provide adequate attention.  As many have learned, the spaces fill quickly.

We provide ALL tools needed to participate in the class.  However, if you have a favorite canvas block or wig head, we encourage you to bring it if it makes you feel more comfortable.

A light breakfast will be provided.  So, please let us know if you are allergic so any foods.

Additionally, inform us if you will be working with your left or right hand.

After the class is completed, you will be given a special discount code to receive 15% off all future orders for 6 months.

Private instruction is also available.  Please contact us if interested!  We can’t wait to meet you!!

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