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How to Create Invisible and Undetectable Knots

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

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There are multiple ways to ventilate hair into wigs and hairpieces.  However, we will list two ways that will surely achieve the appearance of invisible knots.  Invisible knots will guarantee that your custom hair system will look as natural and as realistic as possible.  Browse the two methods to determine which technique is best for your custom-made units.

Tie One Hair Per Knot

Advantages: Ventilating one hair per knot (commonly using the single flat knotting technique) achieves an invisible knot effect. This method minimizes the knot size, and therefore the knot is invisible.

Disadvantages: 2-3 hair strands per knot must be used if your client requests more volume.  Adding more hair will result in a bigger knot.

Create Single Split Knots

Advantages: Single split knots are smaller and more invisible as compared to the double split knot.  As a result of their size, these knots may be used at the hairline.  After being bleached, the front hairline will look very realistic and natural.  The single split knotting method are great for monofilament, lace and skin base foundations.

As an added benefit, these knots are will not rip the skin base during the ventilating process.   This type of knot may be used to in combination with other ventilating methods to create the effect that is desired.

Disadvantages:  Single split knots are not as strong as double split knots and they can easily loosen from the base.  Also, the hair direction may not be easy to control.

Both techniques mentioned above can be created with the use of a size #1 or #1-2 ventilating needle.  It will not matter if the needle is short or long as it is a matter of personal preference.

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