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Ready to Get Started? View Items Needed to Make a Wig

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

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Many individuals aspire to become wigmakers, but do not know where to begin. Many of our viewers have read countless blogs, viewed numerous online videos and collected endless amounts of information, the questions remained, “What are the basic wig making items required to get started?”

Often “getting started” is the hard part. You will be inundated with massive amounts of information on the internet regarding what you “should” do, what you “shouldn’t do”, “best practices and techniques” and much more.

Our suggestion is that you absorb all the information given, but as a simple “guide” for wig making.

If you prefer hands-on instruction, a wig making course may be best for you.

The REAL knowledge will be learned once you take action! Begin practicing and making wigs to learn the process. Eventually, you find a technique and method that works.

Once you become comfortable with the process of wig making, you will think of creative ideas and techniques that will make your wig making journey even better!

Ventilating is a skill that can be used many ways. Do not limit yourself to creating wigs alone. Explore creating beards, moustaches, lace closures, lace frontal, toupees and other custom hairpieces, doll wigs, wigs for costumes and cosplay and much more!

Here is a list of products that will help you be successful making your custom wig.

Precision Curved Needle Duckbill Clips Hair Comb Invisible Thread Soft Measuring Tape Hair Ventilating Needle and Holder Clear Packing Tape Black Permanent Marker Scissors Spray Bottle Wig Head or Canvas Block T-Pins Wig Lace for Wig Making or Custom Wig Cap Wire Wig Combs Cling Wrap

*A tripod not necessary, but many find it useful.   Also, here is a suggestion for bulk hair if you do not have a supply.*

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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