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What is “Transparent” and “HD” Wig Lace?

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

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Image of transparent Film lace against a hand


Transparent lace is often called “illusion” or “HD” lace.  True transparent wig lace is comprised of quality silk and man-made fibers resulting in a net that is light-weight and sheer.

Transparent wig lace is typically between 10 – 30 denier.  The lower the denier, the higher the cost of the lace.

Transparent lace requires minimal blending because the lace is going to vanish the minute adhesive is applied.  In most instances, the netting will disappear once it has been placed against the skin.

This is an incredibly professional lace that is desired by many knowledgeable wigmakers.  However, this lace cannot be purchased at local stores and other bargain e-commerce or auction websites.

Unfortunately, many companies have learned that the word “transparent” is great for marketing and will bring greater sales.  So, the term is used greatly to promote their product.

In fact, the marketing tactic usually works because many consumers value low prices over quality.

Professional wigmakers know that quality supplies and materials are standard in their line of business and they only invest in the best products!


  1. If you see wig lace sold @ $20 per yard, it’s not transparent lace.

  2. If you need to heavily tint or conceal the lace using make-up and other products, it’s not transparent lace.

  3. If the lace is thick or over 30 denier, it’s not transparent lace.

  4. If the lace is being sold on a bargain e-commerce platform or auction site, it’s most likely not transparent lace.  The manufacturing process is complex and the raw materials are costly to acquire, so it is less likely to find the authentic lace on those sites.


I’ve heard that ALL “transparent lace” require tinting to match your complexion.

  1. This is only partially true.  Transparent lace should disappear once the adhesive is applied.  However, on darker skin complexions, a slight tint may be preferred to further enhance the illusion effect.

I was told that transparent lace will look white or pale next to darker skin.

  1. Not true.  Transparent lace is a natural/beige color mixed with translucent silk fibers.  It may seem to be a slight brown color next to darker skin, but not white. Please reference the statement mentioned above.

I see many companies on Facebook and Instagram that claim to sell transparent lace.  Is the lace authentic?

  1. There are many reputable vendors online with quality products.  You must try the product for yourself.  However, we offer a great transparent lace called Ultra HD. Also, Film lace is a great transparent wig lace that is used by celebrity stylists and industry professionals.

10% – 20% Denier is extremely thin!  What can I do to increase the lifespan of the lace?

  1. Applying a light coat of poly to the underside of the lace will make the lace more durable for the application of wigs, frontals and closures.

I prefer thicker wig lace.  I am afraid that thinner lace will be a waste of my time!

  1. Everyone has a preference.  Thin wig lace is definitely not recommended for use by new and inexperienced wigmakers.  There are a variety of wig laces available that are 30 denier.  Depending on your skin complexion, light tinting may or may not be required.  We suggest that you consider Vaniss HD, Opera and Swiss.

Remember, if you choose a wig lace greater than 30 denier, be prepared to heavily mask the lace with make-up, concealers and powders.

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If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us!

Happy Wig Making!

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